Native Starburst Table $900

Native Starburst Table

Native Starburst Table top

Bamboo, barn wood, and red oak radiate outward and mirror insets bring interest to this coffee table. Dimensions: 32" wide x 46" long x 20" high


Eleanor Table (Contemporary Style) $1,800

Eleanor Table

The striking purple heart, an exotic South American wood, is embraced by hard maple, rich walnut and sandy beech wood to create a unique blend of color tones. This table, designed for multi-functional use, has a floating shelf and the capacity to be disassembled for moving or shipping. An antique brass plate with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt is displayed on the face of the table. The finish is numerous coats of a tongue oil mixture.

Eleanor Table sideview

Eleanor Quote "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt


African Sisters Tables SOLD

African Sisters Tables

African Sisters Tables

Designed to function as an end and sofa table set, the pair affectionately named the "African Sisters" are crafted using African leopard and zebra woods, ebony, maple, Brazilian cherry wood and red cedar. The elegant sheik design of the long, thin legs reminded the artist of native African women wearing ankle bracelets.

Each table is finished with hand rubbed teak oil mixture. The skirt and legs have four coats and the top inlays are individually hand finished. A specially crafted glass protects the intricate wood designs. Each table is 15" wide x 31" long. "Big Sister" is 31-1/2" tall and "Little Sister" is 26" tall.

The gallery images are provided to show the beauty and depth of which artisan and master woodworker Seth Weatherford is capable. He enjoys creating custom work and invites you to contact him to discuss your project.

Monolith Table

Monolith Table (Texas Style) $2,000The main structure of this dining room sized table is made of east Texas red cedar. The top is reinforced with 3/4" cabinet grade plywood, which is layered into the 2-1/8" thick top. Ebony inserts add strength to the stiles and rails at each end. The two voids left in the center of the top are filled with patterns of maple, ebony, red oak, Brazilian jatoba, cocobola, old barn wood and dark gray slate. It is finished with numerous coats of Minwax wipe on poly finish. Dimensions: 36" wide x 6' long x 36" tall.


Flaming Arrow Table

Flaming Arrow Table $1,700Marquetry inlay bandings embellish the bamboo anklets, modeled by the East Texas red cedar legs. The bamboo skirt surrounds the ebony, maple, Brazilian cherry, local cypress, bamboo, and red cedar top.

Turquoise accents were carved by hand with the aid of a fluting tool. The matte finish was created by lightly sanding numerous coats of Danish oil and swabbing with lacquer thinner.


Texas Hold 'Em Game Table

Texas Hold 'Em Game Table $1,850The solid and sturdy legs of this game table magnificently support the wood and Saltillo tile design that create the tabletop. Red cedar logs harvested by the artist from East Texas were skillfully cut cut to enhance the beauty of the tree.

The African leopard wood in the design is gracefully framed by the dark fiery bocote and elegant maple thus providing a pleasant array of complimentary shades and texture.

The finish for the skirt and legs consists of three coats of an oil and varnish mixture. Each piece in the tabletop was individually hand rubbed with the same mixture. Dimensions: 34" wide x 40" long x 30" high.



Enchanting Forest Table SOLDDesigned and crafted by Seth Weatherford



Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards


"We became acquainted with Seth when we purchased two of his cuttingboards for our kitchen. We loved the way the colors matched our granite.

Later, at the Texas State Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, we saw larger pieces of handcrafted furniture he had created. Once again we were struck by the attention to detail and creative use of woods to make fine furniture.

We then commissioned Seth to build a custom corner cabinet for which we could not find any commercially available piece to fit. As expected, we were toally satisfied with the piece and plan to have him work on other projects we are planning."

Polly and Mickey Horany, Kerrville, TX