About Seth

Seth Weatherford is a master wood worker and artist. Since his early twenties, Seth, a self-taught carpenter, has devoted countless hours to learning and appreciating the trade and art that is called wood working. One of his very first projects that proved to be the best full immersion learning project for Seth was to build an adobe Southwestern style house in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Enchanting Forest


In fact, being a resident of New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment” for twenty years has given Seth much of his inspiration. He loves to work with the scared geometry birthed from the Dinae (Navajo) whose art and influence is still prevalent in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico. But Seth doesn’t limit his art to just Southwestern. He allows the unique creativity in his mind and soul to fashion African styles, modern, and various pieces that are so distinctive they seem to have no style genre or country with which to label them.

Custom interior


Seth working

Seth working

Custom interior

Custom interiorDesigned and crafted by Seth Weatherford

"Seth Weatherford is a rare find; a true craftsman with a patience and love for the natural beauty in wood. Seth has a way of releasing the untold vision held within "ordinary" objects. He created a magnificent entry-way door for us. There is nothing like walking through a work of original art each day."

Darren Pollard, Architect and Owner of 

~dp Design/Build in Kirkland, WA



Seth Weatherford

Seth and table

Seth has been featured in the Texas Furniture Makers show for three consecutive years. He specializes in tables, doors, and cutting boards, but also makes a living as a general contractor in Kerrville, Texas. With his business, Weatherford Construction--a well known cornerstone establishment in Kerrville for over eighteen years--he has satisfied countless customers.

Seth works from his heart on every project he does, whether it be to make a living as a general contractor, or as a wood working artist. The meticulous attention to detail he gives is evident to the amount of time and effort he pours into every expression of art in each piece he creates.