Essentially Wood Designs, by artist and master wood worker Seth Weatherford, offers a collection of unique hand-crafted pieces for the discerning collector. The body of work includes tables, doors, cutting boards, and custom projects designed to fit your specific needs.

Custom door

Custom door and furniture projects are always welcomed, just contact us with your needs and we will happily supply an estimate!

Artisan table


Arrow Searching table

"Arrow Searching" detailDesigned and crafted by Seth Weatherford

"The symmetrical grains of trees tell many stories including the wet and dry years as well as their quest to receive sunlight. I love to imagine and try to "read" their stories as I do my work. When harvested, unlike our bodies, they go on to furnish the materials for many structures and works of art. Once I came to a place in my life that I fully understood this, I became completely and deeply committed to treat wood and other natural elements with respect and deliberate craftsmanship."

Seth Weatherford



Seth Weatherford


Seth works from his heart on every project he creates. His meticulous attention to detail and artistic expression is evident in every piece.

Seth has always been drawn to wood in every shape and form since he can remember. He regards all wood products as living "beings" and feels trees are special creatures--able to weather time with different perspective.

His work bears the brand “Handcrafted By Seth Weatherford” assuring you of the authenticity and quality of each treasured item you purchase.